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Window shades are a good option for many rooms in your home and the latest trend is to choose shades made of woven wood. This is an option that can offer lots of style and beauty, as well as provide the protection you need from the sun’s UV rays and from prying eyes. If you have been considering these options but are not sure if they are the best choice, there are some things that you can expect. Here are the things that providers of window shades in Leander, TX want you to remember.

One of the benefits that woven wood shades can offer is a natural look. This is very much in fashion now, with people wanting a more rustic look to their space. They are much warmer than other kinds of minimalist shades, so if you want something simple but still inviting, these shades are a good choice. They also bring in lots of texture, letting you showcase your space and complement your design choices.

These shades can also offer the kind of light control you want. You want to protect yourself and your furniture from UV rays but you also want to be able to get some light into the space. Some shades provide either blackout levels of protection or lots of light, but these are in the middle. You can block the rays and get light into your space without trouble.

You can also expect durability from these kinds of shades. Wood is durable and these shades are crafted with the latest techniques to create something beautiful and functional that will last for years to come. They are built to last and so they are a good investment to make.

They are also very easy to install. In fact, they are perhaps the kind of shade that is quickest, ensuring that you do not have to go through a complex process. They are also easy to keep clean, with regular dusting being the most they usually require. You can also use vacuum cleaner attachments to remove dirt and other debris. It is important not to spray the shades directly with water, but you can dab at stains with a damp microfiber cloth.

window shades in Leander, TXWoven wood window shades can be a great addition to most homes. They bring a relaxed and rustic charm to the space and they are a breeze to keep them looking their best. They are made of sustainable materials, too, and they can offer the protection you need from the sun without leaving your rooms dark. If you are thinking of woven wood window shades, you want to reach out to a Leander, TX window shades provider like us. We are here to help you find the exact kind of services you need for your home. You can give us a call right now or you can stop by one of our locations to speak with an expert about the options you have for your windows. With our experience and your ideas and goals, your home will look great in no time.

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