Learning About the Options: Window Blinds, Shades, and Shutters in Leander, TX

DECO Window Fashions is here to help with everything you require whether it’s window shutters, blinds, or shades in Leander, TX. We are proud of our A+ rating with the BBB and our attention to detail, taking your windows from nice to show-stopping. All of our staff members are highly experienced and certified Hunter Douglas Authorized Gallery Dealers. Contact us at 512-250-8600 or visit us at 13450 Research Blvd Ste 111, Austin, TX 78750.

window coverings in Leander, TXAny time you want to invest in renovations for your home, the most critical step is learning about the products and services available in your area. This education is valuable for choosing the right materials and solutions that will fit your needs. Our team is here to help with everything you require for window shutters, blinds, and shades in Leander, TX.


We have experience designing for brand new construction, ensuring that these window coverings will match the other features in your home. Additionally, we are happy to assist with home renovations and upgrades. Regardless of the timing of your window covering installation, we always work around your preferences and schedule.


DIY vs. Pro Window Blinds, Shades, and Shutters in Leander, TX

As a homeowner, you can invest time and money in DIY projects. Some people choose this option because they are looking for ways to cut the costs of the project. But if you don’t have an industry connection to buy window coverings direct, then it’s likely that you will pay more for the materials. There is often a markup that can increase the cost of the project.


Plus, you also need to consider another potential drawback of DIY: the risk of mistakes or poor installation or mistakes. When you don’t have professional experience in the industry, you could overlook some of the most crucial installation details that will affect the quality of your window coverings. Yes, you can watch a few videos online for information. But nothing beats the pro results that are possible when you bring an experienced contractor into your home.


Our team is dedicated to helping homeowners with affordable, quality solutions. We work hard to personalize every installation, giving you unbeatable results that are sure to last. We listen to your requests through this customized process, then provide advice and guidance to ensure the project turns out as you’d imagined.


Not only can you access competitive prices on top-notch materials, but we also promise the best results with the installation. Our team is skilled and knowledgeable about the equipment and strategies that should be used to create excellence for your installation.


Window Shades Leander

What type of window shades are in style?

Definitely, the roman shades are in style for the year 2021. The roman shades provide the simplicity of the shades while having the elegance of modern window shades. The roman shades are perfect for your indoor living space because of the different color, patterns, fabric, and texture. You can choose your preferred style to match the design of your interior.


Designing Your Window Coverings

When you reach out to our staff, we offer a streamlined process to teach you about your options, then guide you through the most critical decisions. We understand that every installation project is unique, which is why we are committed to offering customized solutions for every home.


You can visit one of our nearby showrooms to view the beautiful products and different styles. Many homeowners find it convenient to see the other materials on display. It can be helpful to browse your options so you can imagine what these window coverings might look like in your home.


Make sure to talk to us about Hunter Douglas window coverings, which are leading the industry in style and durability. We also provide other materials and brands, giving you full access to anything you need for the installation.


Setting Your Budget for Window Coverings

When you are choosing a budget for window shades, blinds, and shutters in Leander, TX, consider both pricing and value. You want to get the best products at the lowest price. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is buying low-quality materials that won’t last. Remember that good quality window coverings can last for years – which is why they are a good investment for your home.


As you are picking your budget, talk to us about the various price points in the industry. We understand that there are different materials required for multiple situations. For example, you might not want to install high-end window coverings in the garage. We’ll help you analyze the design and use of the materials in each area of your home. Together, we can finalize the window coverings plan that will create the perfect outcome for your family.


Talk to us about your budget. We provide transparency in pricing to give you a clear idea about the costs upfront. Then, you can have confidence in understanding the value and results you will receive for your investment.


Why Every Homeowner Needs an In-Home Consultation

You are always welcome to visit one of our nearby showrooms to view the available products for purchase. Additionally, we are happy to offer every family a complimentary in-home meeting. This consultation is a time when we can discuss your needs, measure the windows, and help you select the right materials. Our goal is to dial in your preferences to create a personalized estimate for the required work.


We work hard to educate our clients about window blinds, shades, and shutters in Leander, TX. As you learn about the products and industry, you can be empowered to choose the right installation plan for your home. Call today to learn more!


Window Treatments FAQ’s

Why do you need shutters?

For many generations, shutters have been used for protection and light control. Here are the benefits of shutter:

  • It adds another layer of security.
  • Gives you privacy inside your home.
  • Control the light passing through your windows.
  • Great investment for durability and lifetime.
  • Provides insulation for your room.
  • Save money on electricity bills.


Is window film any good?

The film works by filtering out the harshest of sunlight, with up to 79 percent of the most productive films eliminating glare. Without losing excess amounts of natural light or blocking the view from the inside out, this advantage is achieved. Learn More.


Can you see through roller shades?

Roller shades have an open fabric weave that enables the movement of light and air. You can see out throughout the day, but passers-by cannot see inside. The impact though is reversed at night. It makes the shades translucent when the lights are on in your house at night. Learn More.

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