window shades in Austin, TX

Having window shades in your home can be a lovely way of adding color and texture to any room, but how can you know if they need to be replaced? Window shades can need replacing, especially if they are made of specific kinds of fabrics, so it can make a difference to know what signs to look for. If that is something that you are worried about, there are some things that providers of window shades in Austin, TX want you to keep in mind.

If the shades have frayed edges, then this means that you should consider replacing them. Ragged and frayed edges can look untidy and can also be dangerous for pets and children. This may even be a structural issue with the shades themselves. Many times, this can happen on the edges of the shades and that can mean that the shades are too large for the frame in which they have been installed. If you see that, then it is time to replace them.

Another sign to keep in mind is if the shades are stained. This can happen with shades, since they tend to be made of fabric and materials that can stain easily. If you see that there are stains that you cannot remove or that there is fading of the colors, then you will need to replace the shades. Another thing that shades may do is retain odors, depending on the kind of fabric they are made of. Keep that in mind.

Yet another sign to look for is style. If your style has changed and you want to update your home’s décor, you may want to replace the shades that you have in your home. All of the different options you have, with all of the different fabric colors and patterns, can allow you to get the exact kind of look that you want, and that is something that you want to remember. If you see that the shades you have are not in sync with the rest of your home’s décor, then you will want to consider replacing them.

All of these tips can help you know if it is time to replace the window shades in your home. You want to look out for stains, ragged edges, and other visible damage. This can ensure that you can always have window coverings that look great and that you are comfortable with. If you see that the shades have stains or that they are faded in color, then you will want to reach out to experts to be able to choose new ones. If that is something that you want to get started with, you can reach out to an Austin, TX window shades provider like us at DECO Window Fashions. We are ready to help you with all of the decisions you need to make for your home. You can stop by one of our locations to learn more about the options that we can offer or you can give us a call now.


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