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Getting the Best Quality and Selection of Window Shutters in Austin, TX

Have you decided it’s time to update the look of your windows? Give existing windows a facelift or beautifully dress your replacement windows with the best quality window shutters in Austin, TX. When you think about a project like this, you’ll want to consider the style of your home or building. Carefully consider the design of your space and find something that will complement rather than detract from your property. Selecting merchandise made from materials you love will help you be pleased with the result.

So much functional and stylized impact can be realized with just the right products. The professional window covering experts at DECO Window Fashions have the knowledge and experience to help you discover and reach your goals for window treatments efficiently and effectively. We can help you learn about the latest technology and features making their way into window shutters and show you how modern convenience and comfort can be maximized.

Window Shutters Austin, TX

Cheaply Made Products Don’t Pay Off: Quality Window Shutters in Austin, TX

It makes sense that you want to put your money into the areas that matter most to you with home renovation and redecorating projects. We encourage our clients to work within their means for spending but recognize that for quality window shutters in Austin, TX, you will need to spend some money. Buying low-cost items may look like a good solution in the short term. However, this often results in more significant expense in the long run when you end up needing to replace everything anyway and sooner than you would have wanted.


Plan carefully if replacement windows are part of the project prompting your window shutter purchase. Too often, homeowners get excited about having the highest quality windows possible, forgetting that adequately dressing the windows is another component of this update. Rather than putting all of your budget into the windows, balance these needs and ensure you can receive quality products for both windows and coverings, such as shutters.


Corner-cutting with low-quality and low-cost window shutters will almost invariably result in irritating breakdowns in mechanics and products that show their wear long before you’d expect it. Investing in well-made products that keep their shape, color, and function will pay you back for years. Save yourself the headache of needing to redo this job soon by having it done right the first time.


Learn More About Shutters

Shutters add a luxurious and polished aesthetic to your finished rooms. DECO Window Fashions has been helping families find window treatments such as customized shutters from Hunter Douglas window coverings for nearly two decades. Our team has been carefully trained to offer professional recommendations and assist you in solving your needs that can be met with beautiful and well-constructed shutters for your property. Here are a few of the shutter lines we offer to meet a wide range of our customer’s needs.


Heritance Hardwood Shutters: These 100% hardwood shutters are made from basswood or poplar trees that are sustainably sourced for their rapid renewability. The construction method includes the trademarked Truemill dovetail construction, avoiding the use of dowels and glue used in competitor products. Our finishing procedures ensure a long-lasting, durable coating that will require minimal maintenance. The superior process shines with stable custom products that can be made to any unique size or shape.


Palm Beach Polysatin Shutters: This product is made from a UV-resistant vinyl composite that is guaranteed to withstand warping, fading, chipping, cracking, or peeling. That means you’ll have time-tested shutters that will look amazing for years to come! This product is naturally mold and mildew resistant, so the shutters work exceptionally well in places with high humidity or damp conditions. The DuraLux finish leaves a beautiful matte topcoat that is easily cleaned and maintained. The option to motorize an automated open and closure system is very convenient.


Newstyle Hybrid Shutters: A unique blend of wood composite materials and polypropylene finishing surface, the Newstyle Hybrid Shutters are built to last. A low-luster finish mimics the quality and warmth that pure wood offers.


Leave This Project to the Pros

For some of us, DIY projects are great and manage to work out well. However, this project is best left to the pros when talking about installing fine-tuned mechanisms like functional shutters. Even tiny errors can result in poor operating products. This won’t be the flaw of the products themselves—instead, the poor-quality installation will interfere with workability. Hire a professional team to help you through the certified installation of your shutters to get all the benefits of your purchase.


DECO Window Fashions has many options for window treatments, including functional and decorative window shutters in Austin, TX. Although we have many design options for custom fit and aesthetic choices, don’t hesitate to connect with our team for a no-obligation quote. We make this process easy and fun for you and leave you with results you’ll enjoy for decades.

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