Are You Looking for Just Right Window Blinds in Austin, TX?

Sometimes you just know it’s time to choose new selections for your window blinds in Austin, TX. Plenty of different scenarios could prompt this move—redecorating, renovating, or a new home might lead to this conversation. If you are ready to dive in, it’s a good idea to consider the materials and design lines that will work well in your spaces. This can be so fun!


At DECO Window Fashions, our product consultants are committed to helping you fulfill your goals. If your vision is still a bit fuzzy, we can help you learn more about your style and preferences by working with samples and graphics to find your perfect match. Many detail options can be customized, including colors and functional features like technology-linked automation options.

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Why Cheaply Made Window Blinds in Austin, TX Are Not Your Best Solution

Most of us are sensitive to the cost of products we are purchasing. Therefore, it makes sense to be careful and find items that help your dollars stretch. When buying goods such as window blinds in Austin, TX, it is vital to set a budget range you can work with while balancing the highest quality of products you can afford. If you are making this investment, odds are you want what you purchase to last for years.


Sometimes homeowners will sink plenty of money into high-end windows, perhaps forgetting that window covering will also be needed. Unfortunately, if most of your budget is spent on the windows, you may need to buy cheaply made products that will cause problems and not look as nice in the long run. Ideally, when the replacement windows are being selected, you will also work on selecting your window treatment finishes to balance high-quality products for both needs.


Low-cost and poorly made products tend to wear out quickly. These will end up costing more in the end for most people since the cost of installing and repurchasing items one at a time as they break will add up. Avoid cutting corners by planning your window package purchases to include money for your coverings.


It’s All About the Blinds!

DECO Window Fashions is pleased to offer exceptional products to satisfy different needs. We are proud dealers of Hunter Douglas window coverings. These impeccable products are durable, long-lasting, and come in various finishes and custom sizing to meet your needs exactly. Blinds offer versatile natural light control and privacy options. Slats may move vertically or horizontally. Automation systems can be synced to open or close at different times as the sun moves. In addition, there are a few different types of blind packages or combinations of packages that we help our clients with.


Parkland Wood Blinds: Hardwood blinds from 100% domestically sourced genuine wood can be obtained in a varied color palette from stains to solids in whites, grays, and natural tones. Finishes can also boast unique texture—from smooth to naturally raised grainlines and intentionally distressed finishes that preserve the quality of construction. These are beautiful and luxurious. In addition, by ordering blinds with the de-Light feature, you’ll eliminate cord holes and reduce light leakage by as much as 50% compared to traditional construction methods.


Everwood—Alternative Wood Blinds: An excellent option for your humid areas or high hum exposure windows, the Everwood line will resist problems like warping and fading or yellowing over time. View through, and variable light control settings make these blinds wonderful when you want to let light in without raising the entire unit. The materials of the blinds are a wood alternative that boasts a realistic texture and finishes, so unless you tell them, your friends won’t know these aren’t real wood.


Modern Precious Metals—Aluminum Blinds: A sleek and contemporary solution with maximized light control and a range of colors, slat sizing, and features– the aluminum blinds are gorgeous. Our aluminum products are built for durability and will resist dents and creases if they are exposed to some rough treatment. One of our aluminum lines, called Natural Elements, mixes the mediums of wood and metal with excellent results. Further, personalize your look with unique decorative tapes to accent your pieces.


Work With Professionals Who Know Blinds and Installation for Top-Notch Results

Though making design and function decisions like those related to window treatments could feel a little overwhelming, with expert assistance, you can easily find high-performing products you and your family will value. Having support for accuracy in measurements and efficient installation ensures professional results.


Get the results you need and want with your new blinds by ordering high-performing window coverings with certified installation and warranty coverage. With many years of industry experience, the team at DECO Window Fashions can guide you through the process of finding the perfect products for your project. Customizable products will ensure you love everything about your new window blinds in Austin, TX. Call us for your free consultation appointment today!

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