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Decorating with photographs
can enhance the image of your home.

Photography is a tried and true design element.

In the early days of photography, art aficionados didn’t consider photographs a “real” form of art. Today, we know that isn’t true. You can purchase a vast variety of photographic art — or create your own – and it’s just as beautiful and engaging as any other form of art you can display in your home.

Display photos can range from super-size portraits of your kids, dogs or a vacation spot to collections of miniature-sized photos of almost any item. With photos, you can:

  • Tell your family’s story

  • Focus on your kids or grandkids

  • Pay homage to your pets

  • Feature the places you’ve visited

  • Highlight specific things you like, such as elephants, dogs, Victorian houses or oak trees.

Framing is half the fun. Often the frames are just as interesting – or even more interesting – than the photos themselves! You can go bold and ornate or opt for simple black rectangular frames to keep the emphasis on the photos themselves. If you’re displaying vintage photos, make sure to frame them with protective glass so they don’t get damaged by sunlight.

 It’s typical to display photographs in a collection, as small as two photos to as large as you can fit across your wall or display shelves. Photos can be all the same size and orientation, or can vary in size and shape. 

Arrange collections in consistent horizontal vertical columns or horizontal rows, or go wild with a random arrangement. You can even angle photos up a stairwell. Equally pleasing are photos arranged on a shelf or mantel, often mixed with other pieces such as mirrors, vases and plants.

Picture your home with a beautiful photography display. It’s a dramatic decorating concept that personalizes your living space beautifully.


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